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Absence Request

Full school attendance is vital for your child's educational progress.

The School and Local Authority expect that all parents/carers ensure that their children attend school wherever possible and when this does not happen there is the possibility that non-attendance could lead to a fine and/or criminal conviction.

Avoidable absences are disruptive for both the absent child and the rest of the class. Schools do not have to authorise any absences. Absence requests will be considered on an individual basis. Consideration will also be given to the effect the absence will have on the child's education.

There is no right of appeal over the decision of authorising/unauthorising an absence.

It is important for parents/carers to complete the reason for absence section on the request form in reasonable detail. No details or just writing "family holiday" in this section will mean that the absence request will not be authorised. If you are requesting absence due to a family member returning or taking a break from deployment please include tour dates and location of deployment where possible.

When a child has a high rate of absence the local authority may take the option of investigating and subsequently fining parents.

Below is a form for requesting absence. These should be made with as much advance notice as possible (usually at least 4 school weeks). Forms can be returned by hand to the school office or emailed to Paper copies are also available from the school office.