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Parents & School

The Friends

The Friends of Wittering School was launched in January 2002 taking over the role of the previous fundraising committee. All parents, staff and governors are automatically members. It is hoped The Friends will help the children and the school by providing additional resources and by organising social events for children and adults.

Helping in School

If you can spare some time on a regular basis we would be happy to see you. We have had parents helping with cooking, sewing, and reading, in the classrooms and on educational visits.

Start and End of the Day

Children should not arrive before 8.45am when a teacher is on duty in the playground. Parents may wish to wait in the playground area until all the class teachers arrive at 8.55 and children go into classes. If the weather is wet and no teacher is in the playground children may go straight to classrooms at 8.45am (no earlier please).
At the end of the school day, after 3.15pm, children will go to the playground to meet parents and go home. Please do not wait in the cloakrooms and porches outside classrooms.

Please note that parents should not use the staff car parks when delivering or collecting children from school. (You may use these if you are visiting the school during lesson time eg to collect a sick child, but for safety reasons all children should enter and leave the school grounds via the pedestrian gates).

Late Arrivals / Collection during the school day

Pedestrian gates are locked during the school day. If arriving late (after a visit to the doctor, dentist etc.) or collecting children from school during the day please use the main entrance to school and see the office staff. Unless explicit instructions are received from parents, no child will be allowed to leave the school site unaccompanied during the school day.

Local Education Authority Procedure For Dealing With Cases Of Suspected Child Abuse

Members of staff and governors in schools should immediately refer any obvious or suspected case of child abuse, (or any disclosure made to them concerning a pupil), to the headteacher or designated senior members of staff.
The headteacher or designated senior member of staff will immediately report the case to the local Social Services Area Manager or the Social Services Duty Officer for child protection, making it clear at the outset that child abuse is the subject of the call.
The main purpose of these procedures is to protect children. The school staff will not make any enquiries of parents regarding a disclosure by a child. Social Services and the police will conduct such enquiries.

Complaints Procedure

A parent of any child attending the school who wishes to complain about any matter should in the first place see the child's class teacher. If the matter is not resolved it will be brought to the attention of the Headteacher. Appointments can usually be made at short notice please contact the school office. In the event that the parent is not satisfied with the outcome of a complaint please contact the Chairman of the School Governors.