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Moving On

It is important to prepare all children for movement and at times this can be a difficult task. To help support both our current and future parents, we have included the link below to the Service Children's Education dedicated website for mobility. Here you will be able to find useful information including a link to the SCE mobility toolkit and to the Moving Schools Pack. In addition you can watch videos of SCE children sharing their personal experiences of preparing to leave or arrive at their school, and find out what helps them to settle into their new surroundings.

Do I need to register my child with CEAS?

CEAS is the Children's Education Advisory Service and their mission statement is:

'To support operational effectiveness in the armed forces by enabling Service (and eligible MOD civilian) families to secure appropriate educational provision for their children in the UK and overseas.'

If your child has special or additional needs then, in line with JSP 820, you must register with the Children’s Education Advisory Service (CEAS) and notify them of any proposed overseas assignment.