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Emotional Health & Wellbeing

The community of Wittering Primary School has always maintained a clear focus on the emotional health and wellbeing of all its’ members; pupils, staff, parents, governors and local community. It is fundamental to our philosophy and ethos of ‘Try Hard, Be Kind, Fly High’, ensuring everyone is welcomed, feels valued, establishes resilience and the environment is conducive to learning in a stimulating way. At Wittering we value the ‘Wittering Effect’; we work holistically as a school community in an inclusive, secure and caring environment where the children can feel safe, well cared for and happy while they learn and grow.

‘Try Hard, Be Kind, Fly High’

We are focused on evolving the long term culture of our school and embedding an ethos where mental health is regarded as the responsibility of all. We will endeavour to provide an environment that is safe, welcoming, non-judgemental and secure, where diversity is celebrated and everyone feels equally valued. We encourage and value respectful and open dialogue, participation and contribution from all parties.

Our curriculum, together with day to day interactions, reflect, from all parties, the wish to build a positive, strong and reflective environment. Early intervention of support from school staff, who build positive and strong relationships with pupils, and the significant advantage of the Family Centre, enables strong pastoral care. Through our Family Support Workers and Wellbeing Club, swift action can be taken to provide families and children with networks of support that can help reduce the risk factors which undermine the mental health of our pupils.

Our Headteacher, SLT and Wellbeing Lead work hard to promote positive mental health and wellbeing awareness with all staff and ensures support networks are available. Opportunities are made available to build relationships and a sense of belonging to the team at Wittering Primary School. The Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team champion a clear work-life balance culture across the staff and encourage discussion when necessary to address staff and pupil pressures, ensuring supportive management systems are in place. Significant work has been done to support professional development in the understanding of mental health awareness.

We have embedded wellbeing into every aspect of our school and we will continue to do so, involving everyone.

Our Wellbeing Lead is Mrs C. Brant